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Our highly qualified employees are directly responsible for our seccess as a business emterprise


  • What kinds of qualifications are needed to apply?

    There is no specific requirement in terms of academic background, gender and age of the candidates. For the qualification standards that we give preference to in relation to certain jobs, please refer to the notice board for each job opening.

  • How many job openings are available?

    Please contact our HR manager for more detailed information.

  • When does Hyosung recruit employees?

    Hyosung has the rolling recruitment system through which we hire people whenever there is a vacancy or we need new talent.

  • What are the important things to be considered during the document review process?

    Our main review point is whether the candidate’s previous job experiences match the job descriptions that he is pursuing.

  • How does the interview take place?

    The interview will take place either in Korea or abroad (through one of our affiliated companies, offices) depending on the candidate’s choice. In case of an overseas interview, it will take place in one of our overseas affiliate companies and offices. Depending on the situation, we can also have a video interview.

  • Are there any additional evaluation points
    (in case of presenting a relevant certification)

    Any certification or certificate of merits achieved and presentable in relation to a certain job will be considered as an additional evaluation point during the document review process. A copy of such certification or certificate of merit must be presented during the interview.

  • Where are Hyosung’s offices located?

    It is different from job to job. Job locations can be found at any of our affiliate companies and offices either in Korea or in overseas countries. For more detailed information, please check the notice board for job openings or contact our HR manager.

  • Is accommodation provided for foreigners?

    When a foreigner is recruited, the accommodation such as company dormitory will be provided at the commencement of his or her employment.

  • What is the procedure after recruitment process is completed?

    We will locate new employees to certain departments by considering their preferred work type and department and the final evaluation results. The final decision will be made under the agreement between the employee and the company before the commencement of his employment.

  • What kind of welfare and benefits does Hyosung provide?

    The welfare and benefits will be provided according to the company rules and regulations. We provide various types of welfare and benefits for our employees, including but not limited to support for their children’s tuition fee, medical checkup, family events and trainings.

  • Is it possible to apply for a job regardless of the my expertise?

    For some jobs, we give preference to those candidates who have studied in the related field, but everyone is welcomed to apply. There are certain areas including planning, marketing and purchasing that the candidates can apply regardless of their expertise.

  • What level of language proficiency is required? (English or Korean language ability)

    Candidates are required to have the English proficiency sufficient to carry out their job and the proof of their language proficiency must be presented for the document review process. It is recommended that candidates submit at least one of the test scores of TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS, or G-TELP. The level of proficiency (speaking/reading/writing) must be described briefly.

  • When does internship application take place?

    We recruit interns regularly every year and we announce it on our notice board at the time of recruitment.

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