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Our sustainability principles are the backbone of the way we design and manufacture products.

Environment Protection Policy

Eco philosophy and management

We regard environmentally friendly production as the responsibility of the enterprise, as well as an important factor for maintaining the long-term competitiveness of our company.

Based on this eco-philosophy of shared responsibility, Hyosung has implemented a comprehensive environmental protection program that aims to minimize our impact on the environment and conserve resources. Our environmental policy fulfils all requirements of the ISO 14001.

The eco-management Team’s main activities include identifying the environmental impacts of our operations, conduct assessments and define the necessary controls to minimize the impacts, executing environmental impact assessments of our products/services with regards to sustainable development. The team also conducts environmental training/awareness for all staff and ensures that the company complies with environmental risk assessment procedures that identifies impacts, assesses risks, and defines the associated control measures.

Our eco-management also assess the competence of sub-contractors with respect to environmental matters and maintains a formal environmental incident / near miss reporting system. Finally, the team monitors the performance of the Environmental Management system and undergoes periodic external assessment.

Our philosophy of environmental protection is implemented by the company via water conservation, emissions reduction, waste management, and soil contamination prevention.

In order to keep the pollution under the 10% limit specified by the law of the Republic of Korea, wastewater is gathered in a sewage treatment plant and purified physically, chemically, and biologically; in addition, prevention facilities (absorption, filtration, cleaning & dust gathering) are attached to air pollution producing operations (air pollution control procedure). All waste is managed separately according to each type and nature and dealt with by a professional waste handling company.

Finally, all production sites and facilities that have the possibility of soil pollution, such as oil storage facilities, are checked for soil pollution by a certified organization annually.

Our environmental philosophy and management is an integral part of our sustainability and is reflected in all strategies and activities. We will continue to foster our commitment and strive to create a better future for the generations to come.

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