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Our sustainability principles are the backbone of the way we design and manufacture products.

Green Technology

Technology in harmony with nature

Our life and future exist under a blue sky, in clean water, and on green land. We have been investing in innovating technology that co-exists with nature rather than destroying it.

We are creating a path for a cleaner and healthier environment with technology that puts minimal stress on the environment but provides customers with reliability and efficiency. The following is a list of our green efforts.

New Renewable Energy

We are committed to manufacturing clean energy using wind, solar, and water. Our eco-friendly energy businesses, including wind turbine systems, solar power systems, cogeneration systems, and fuel cell technology is contributing to creating a greener, cleaner, and brighter future.

Wind Turbine System
Based on our technological know-how accumulated through existing business activities in power transmission and distribution equipment, generators, gearboxes, industrial machinery, and more, we built Korea’s first wind turbine system using in-house technology. We are currently working to solidify our leadership in the wind turbine system sector.
Solar Power System
We completed the construction of the largest 3MW solar power system in Samnangjin and operating a 1.6MW solar power system complex in Taean, South Korea. We are cultivating our clean energy projects by expanding R&D investments in solar batteries (using photovoltaic cells) and centralizing our corporate competencies in eco-friendly businesses.
Cogeneration System
We manufacture combined heat & power (cogeneration) generation facilities to produce electrical energy and heat energy from a single energy source (fuel). By recycling discarded energy, we can simultaneously reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and improve energy efficiency.
Fuel Cell Technology
Generating power through chemical reactions, fuel cells are clean energy systems which do not involve the discharge of noise or pollution and waste less energy. Our fuel cell technology generates electricity and heat for residential homes with city gas as a fuel source.
Purification of waste & recycling

Our environment is threatened everyday. We are reshaping the conventional ways of purifying and recycling discarded resources. By contributing to the nature preservation, we hope to transform our environment so that it may be appreciated for generations to come.

Waste Treatment Facility
We provide various equipments for the waste treatment facilities, which reduce harmful substances generated during waste treatment processes. The waste treatment facility recycles heat energy generated during incineration and integrates combination treatment technology to process food waste.
Wastewater Technology
We constructed the first domestic sewage treatment plants using biological processing methods and developed advanced treatment techniques for purified nitrogen and phosphorus.
Methane Gas Technology
By engineering energy generation facility that uses methane gas, we provide energy efficiency with reduced carbon dioxide emissions.
Resource Circulation Sector
We are going beyond waste incineration and expanding into advanced gasification melting technology. In addition, we hope to realize a recycling-based society with the development our waste energy business that features efficient incineration and food waste methane gasification technologies.
Reducing CO₂, High Efficiency Energy

We are working to reduce energy waste and generation of carbon dioxide with our efficient energy technologies in motors/pumps, ESCO, CNG refueling system, and LED.

High-efficiency Motors
The highly efficient electric motor is an eco-friendly product that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, has 20-30% lower power loss, and 3-18% higher efficiency compared to general electric motors.
High-efficiency Pumps
Praised as the landmark of Seoul, Cheonggyaecheon (the stream in the center of the city) has proven to be an enormous success. Hyosung has supplied high-efficiency pumps to circulate the water in Cheonggyaecheon.
ESCO (Energy Service Company)
Participating in the ESCO business, a government energy-saving plan, Hyosung boasts the best competitiveness levels in the industry, thanks to the company’s aggressive investments and advanced technological capabilities. With the best technological power in Korea and continuous R&D efforts, the company has proposed a range of historic energy-saving plans.
CNG Refueling System
We are the first domestic manufacturer to secured CNG refueling technology by utilizing eco-friendly and high-efficiency natural gas. CNG is mainly used by buses and is now playing a major role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions that result from public transportation.
LED (Light Emitting Diode)
Compared with conventional lighting systems, such as incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, LED can reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. We developed the world’s first transmitted image display and LED for indoor use.
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