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Occupational Health & Safety

Health and Safety of our Employees

In order to create the optimal working environment for our employees, Hyosung takes appropriate measures to prevent injuries and accidents. Hyosung has implemented a Safety Policy that identifies risks of health & safety and implements control measures in order to minimize risk as much as possible.

Hyosung puts great emphasis in ensuring an accident-free, healthy workplace and therefore takes special responsibility for health and safety at the workplace for our employees all over the world. Our Safety Policy fulfills the requirements of OHSAS 18001 and is continuously monitored by our internal audit department.

Hyosung's Safety Principles
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  • I.

    Conduct safety preservation education every month for all personnel.

  • II.

    Continuously monitor the working and operations environment for the safety and health of employees.

  • III.

    Survey the working environment two times each year and as needed according to Korea’s Industrial Safety and Health Act, Article 42 (Measurement of Work Environment), Enforcement Regulation Article 82 (Measurement of Work Object Work Environment), and Article 95 (Work Environment Survey Result’s Report).

  • IV.

    Promote health and safety throughout the company and comply with all domestic and international legislation, including Korea’s Ministry of Labor, related to safety prevention including the Hazard and Risk Prevention Plan, Process Safety Plan, Health Improvement Plan, Accident Occurrence Report, and more.

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