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Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems Performance group is divided into four business

Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems Performance Group

Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems Performance Group, a comprehensive energy solution provider, boasts world-leading technology in the global power industry and has secured a competitive capability on par with that of top competitors in motors, decelerators, industrial pumps, and wind energy business.

With globalization as one our top priorities, we have achieved a 16.9% increase in sales and a 36.1% rise in operating profits over the past three years thanks to the enhancement in Hyosung’s quality, technology, and brand recognition among overseas clients, which includes North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. We expect such robust performance, marked by an increasing number of orders from the overseas market, is expected to continue in the future.

At the heart of our capability to grow as a comprehensive energy solution provider is our global organization structure. Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems Performance Group is divided into four business areas or performance units, depending on the types of flagship products: Power Systems PU; Industrial Machinery PU; Hyosung Good Springs PU; and the Wind Energy Business Division.

  • Power Systems PU
  • Industrial Machinery PU
  • Hyosung Good Springs PU
  • Wind Energy Business Division

Wind Energy Business Division

	Since the mid 1990s, Hyosung has actively pursued the development of wind turbine systems, already having established the best technologies in the major component devices of wind turbine systems, including gearboxes, generators, controllers, and towers. Now, as one of the leading domestic companies in the wind turbine systems industry, we have devoted ourselves to localization of system.  In 2006, we completed the development of South Korea's first geared-type wind turbine system with a rated capacity of 750kW, successfully commercialized the product, and proved its reliability and stability. In 2007, we completed an exclusive 2MW wind turbine system, and has carried out a test operation of the system.  We are currently developing a 5MW grade offshore wind turbine system for export which will expands our product line-up. We expect to expand its business operations not only in the domestic market, but also in East Asia, Australia, and the US in the future based on our technical capabilities in wind turbine system component devices and its comprehensive engineering capabilities. At the center of the world of human and environment-oriented wind energy stands Hyosung, the global clean energy solution provider with the best in technology.
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