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Our sustainability principles are the backbone of the way we design and manufacture products.

Quality Assurance

Rest assured with Hyosung’s quality

Hyosung strives for excellence. We believe excellence can only be achieved through absolute quality and value for customers. In order to create quality products we believe that all of the actions of every single employee must be focused on the highest level of quality. In order to achieve such levels, we have implemented a quality assurance policy and programs that make our philosophy into a reality.

Our Quality Assurance Policy was founded based on the management policy of the president and meets the demands of ISO 9001. As a globally active company, we are committed to comprehensive and quality management through three quality strategies: quality management system, customer-focused management system, and concentration on core competencies.

The comprehensive quality management system ensures that we completely comply with all compliances and applicable legislation, codes, and standards in addition to implementing efficient operation of our management resources to eliminate unnecessary waste.

Our customer-focused management system clarifies and simplifies our first priority which is customer satisfaction. All of our work is aimed to exceed customer needs and provide exceptional value through quality standards, flexibility, and innovation.

Finally, we concentrate on our core competencies for strict quality control and continual improvement which provides quality products and cost-saving to our clients via advancement in technical capacity and technological innovation.

Hyosung implements its policy via a Quality Management Team that controls the entire quality assurance system, which includes performing internal and external quality audits, qualifying and evaluating vendors, establishing and maintaining quality assurance program, and more; the Quality Inspection Team controls the inspections and tests, including non-conformance and reporting on quality control.

We implement our policy via a Quality Management Team manages research laboratories, including the Measurement Standard Laboratory, the Chemical Analysis Laboratory and the Material Analysis Laboratory to maintain a strict control over quality.

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