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Hyosung has been recognized for its world-class technology in the field of high-voltage power systems as it developed Korea's first 765kV high-voltage transformer and 800kV gas insulated switchgear. Since its establishment in 1978, Power & Industrial Systems R&D Center has taken the initiatives in technical development in the field of heavy electric machine. More recently, to respond to the new paradigm of the power industry represented by DC grid, it is spurring the development of new technologies, including ESS, STATCOM and voltage HVDC. It is also developing IE4 grade super premium high efficiency motor to improve the efficiency of motors, which are the essential factor for automation in every industrial area and also account for 60% of energy consumption.

Research Areas

Development of Interpretation Programs for Electric Power Systems
To downsize and lighten high-voltage power transformers, Hyosung developed Transformer Winding Temperature (TWT), an interpretation program that can predict the accurate winding temperature of transformers. For gas insulated switchgear, it also developed Hyosung Interrupter Simulation Tool (HIST), an insulation interpretation program for interpreting and predicting arc plasma inside a switchgear, and based on this, succeeded in securing technology for design of switchgear with enhanced operating characteristics.
STATCOM (STATic synchronous COMpensator)
Hyosung has developed STATCOM required for stable operation of power systems since 1997. As the only supplier of STATCOM in Korea, Hyosung successfully installed 120MVA STATCOM in Jeju and 100MVA STATCOM in Migeum respectively, contributing to stable operation of power grid.
Based on technology accumulated from domestic power system projects, Hyosung will actively penetrate into the global market.
Voltage Type HVDC
When DC grid is built in the future, HVDC will become one of the core technologies required to build DC grid. Current type HVDC has been widely used but as the recent progress in voltage type HVDC technology expands the scope of application to 3GW, spotlight is being shined on the voltage type HVDC system. Since 2012, Hyosung has engaged in the development of 20MW MMC(Modular Multi-level Converter) voltage type HVDC pilot system. In 2014, Hyosung became the first in Korea to develop voltage-type HVDC single-phase system and controller, and in 2015, it plans to complete the development of the three-phase voltage type HVDC system and install it in the Jeju test complex.
ESS (Energy Storage System)
Hyosung's ESS technology includes solutions that meet the needs for a variety of functions required for power grid.
The ESS for demand response was developed in 2013 and installed at four domestic and foreign sites, including Guri Agricultural & Fishery Wholesale Market, totaling 2.25MW (based on maximum output). These ESSs are currently in commercial operation. As for the ESS for frequency adjustment, Hyosung completed the development of 1MW PCS and PMS algorithm for ESS in 2014, and aims to complete the test operation of the ESS at Honam Thermal Power Plant by 2015.

In 2014, Hyosung became the first in Korea to succeed in the commercial operation of the ESS for independent source in connection with the renewable energy source (wind) and diesel generator on Gapa Island, Jeju. Hyosung also successfully built the Korean standard ESS for independent source on Gasa Island, Jeollanam-do, taking the lead in building ESS for independent source on islands in Korea.
Renewable energy generation has inconsistent output as it uses wind or solar light as an energy source. To respond to this, recently the government is preparing for making ESS mandatory to stabilize the output of renewable energy generation. Hyosung installed 4MW ESS for stabilizing the output of renewable energy generation at Jocheon Substation in Jeju and successfully operated it in the actual power systems. Based on the technology, Hyosung is currently preparing to respond to new regulations that will make it mandatory to install ESS for wind power systems in Jeju, which will be effective in 2015.

High Efficiency Motor
Motors, which represent a large portion of energy consumption, are actively researched and standardized in many countries around the world to develop more efficient motors.
Industrialized countries, primarily the United States, have already made it mandatory to use premium-grade motors. In early 2013, Hyosung developed IE3-grade premium motor series and completed the mass production system, targeting foreign markets. Then in 2014, Hyosung succeeded in developing IE4-grade motor, which is one grade better in efficiency than premium-grade motors.

SynRM(Super Premium Synchronous Reluctance MotorSynRM) is a motor that meets the high efficiency requirements of IEC standard at prices lower than conventional induction motors. Used as an energy saving source in various applications, including fans, pumps and compressors, SynRM is a low-price, high-efficiency premium motor.

Development History

Year Milestones
2014 Renewable energy connected MW-class lithium secondary battery system
20MW class Voltage Source Converter HVDC system
150MW class Multi-Mudular type STATCOM
2013 Battery Energy Storage System and Micro Grid for Off-Grid island
IE4 SynRM motors
2012 1MW Li-Battery Energy Storage System
250kW/500kW PV PCS
80kW PERMANANT MAGNETIC SYNCRONOUS MOTOR and Drive for Electric Vehicles (EV)
Power transformer Partial Discharge detection Diagnostic System
2011 20kW•800kW PCS for Li-B Energy Storage System
Navy's Next-Generation mid-sized torpedo propulsion motor
50kW class EV motors (Commertially applied in HMC's EV Model "RAY")
Dissolved Gas Analysis and Diagnostic System for Power Transformer
IEC 61850 based 154kV M.Tr IED / 170kV GIS IED
2010 60kW class EV motors (applied HMC's EV test Model "Blue-On")
Submarine Large-sized Propulsion Motor
750kW-class DFIG type Wind Turbine PCS
2008 IED for preventive diagnosis of transformer (IEC61850)
170kV GIS bay controller (IEC61850)
25kV C-GIS bay controller (IEC61850)
3kW, 50kW, 250kW grid-connected solar inverter
1kW class PEMFC residential power generation system
25.8kV 25kA dry air insulated switchgear
245kV 40kA motor direct drive mechanism GIS
2007 154kV gas insulated transformer
2MW wind turbine system
Partial discharge monitoring system for GIS
2005 750kW wind turbine system
PCS for 100kW molten carbonate fuel cell system
36kV 31.5kA GIS
2004 245kV 50kA GIS
25.8kV 25kA GIS (New IEC standard)
24kV 40kA 3000A GIS
2003 362kV 50kA GIS
154kV 80MVA unified power flow controller (FACTS) pilot plant
2002 Substation automation system
2001 154kV 40MVA transformer for FACTS
170kV 50kA condenserless type GIS
2000 Digital protection relay
1999 800kV 50kA GIS
Monitoring & diagnosis system for 765kV substation equipment
200kW gas turbine co-generation system
Package type CNG refueling system
Class 1E safety-related high voltage electric motor for nuclear power
362kV 63kA 8000A GIS
1995 Gas turbine co-generator
Traction motor for urban mass transit
1992 765kV transformer
1987 170kV 31.5kA 1200A GIS
1986 Amorphous Transformer
1984 3ph 154kV 386MVA phase-separated transformer
1982 1ph 345kV 1,187MVA transformer for nuclear power plant
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