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Our sustainability principles are the backbone of the way we design and manufacture products.

Social Contribution Activities

The company that shares love and happiness - Hyosung

The essence of Hyosung’s charity is not simply reduced to making financial contributions, but rather in sharing love and happiness with others so that they may experience the true meaning of social contribution through volunteering. This attitude is reflected in the spirit throughout the entire scope of the company’s management. Hyosung sets aside part of its business profits to participate in the effort to enrich the community and support those in need as a corporate citizen. These efforts include voluntary public welfare activities by employees, as well as supporting youths who are living below the poverty line, the preservation of cultural heritage sites, educational institution operations, arts/cultural patronage, global community contributions and other activities.

  • Volunteer Service
    In addition to the Hyosung Volunteering Team, the employee volunteer clubs at each of our offices have been actively lending a helping hand to marginalized senior citizens and families through ‘Grains of Love’, a rice donation initiative. This is in addition to our kimchi sharing and ‘Briquettes of Love’ programs to donate heating fuel for households in need. The matching grant policy, whereby the sum of employee donations are matched by the company, has been offering relief for regions devastated by natural disasters and people suffering from difficult situations. In addition to such social contributions, employees also participate in the ‘Blood Donations of Love’ campaign. Hyosung also pays monthly visits to Changdeok Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to provide maintenance and preservation assistance.
  • 지역사회 기여활동
    Hyosung businesses in Ulsan, Eonyang, Yongyeon, Changwon, Gumi, Anyang, Jochiwon and Gwanghyewon joined with local communities through the ‘One Company, One Village’ initiative, offering help during the farming season, for celebrations for village elders and assistance in purchasing agricultural supplies. We also help our natural environment maintain its beauty through the ‘One Company, One Mountain’ and ‘One Company, One River’ initiatives.
  • 불우청소년 지원 사업
    Hyosung believes that children and youth are the very future of Hyosung. As such, the company organizes numerous programs for children and youth living at or below the poverty line. We have teamed up with NGOs to run the ‘Hope Sharing School’ to provide these children with the opportunity to experience various cultural and educational activities during the school holidays. We also regularly visit schools for students with disabilities as well as offering meals at the Sam-dong Boys Town, a care facility for orphaned children, to help disadvantaged youth realize their hopes and dreams.
  • 메세나 활동
    Hyosung has the goal to enrich and enliven communities through arts and culture. The company routinely sponsors concerts and performances of renowned musicians such as Yo-Yo Ma and many others from around the country and the world. We organize open recitals and monthly arts exhibits at our Toyota dealership store in Gangnam and we help preserve Korean traditions by patronizing Arumjigi, a non-profit organization that works to protect ‘Korean beauty’. We also protect Korean historical heritage overseas such as the Zhejiang archaeological sites in China, which are valuable for Kim Gu’s honorable works there. Furthermore, we are the proud sponsors of the ‘Hong Myung-bo Charity Soccer Playoffs with Hyosung’, through which we promote social awareness and get many more people involved.
  • 글로벌 사회공헌 활동
    Hyosung aims to fulfill its responsibility as a global company. We have been providing free dental care to people in remote villages in Vietnam with disabilities and have also offered relief efforts in areas hit with natural catastrophes around the globe. These efforts continue our tradition of volunteering in the local communities wherever our offices are. We also select the most distinguished students in China, Vietnam, as well as foreign students in Korea and offer them scholarships. In addition, we sponsor the East Timor Youth Soccer Team, support the World All-Star Charity Soccer event and make global social contributions through sports.
  • 교육사업
    Hyosung also makes great contributions in the education field through Dongyang Mirae University, the country’s leading technical college. Dongyang Mirae University offers the highest graduate employment rate out of all technical colleges in Korea. Additionally, the school is the home-school for the first student from a technical institution to be chosen for government sponsorship for studies abroad. We are sponsoring the school with the ‘One Company, One School’ initiative through our regional offices in Ulsan, Changwon and Gumi and also running the ‘Junior Engineering School’ where youth are given the opportunity to gain interest in advanced industrial technology early on.
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