Photovoltaic Power System

Hyosung is actively advances into the inverter development and EPC of power plant for photovoltaic (PV) power, the most highlighted trend in renewable energy.

Hyosung has developed a series of photovoltaic inverter called GENTOPIA, suited for various installation environments from residential to the power generation. We have also successfully designed a local Photovoltaic Power Plant with 3MW capacity in 2007, performing the entire process of the project on a turnkey base including equipment sourcing.

Our Offerings

GENTOPIA, Hyosung's photovoltaic inverter based on high-efficiency and high-reliability provides the optimal solution suited for various installation environments.
Hyosung provides an integrated solution covering design, engineering, procurement and construction of the photovoltaic power generation system.

Major References

  • Samrangjin PV System
  • Taean Solar Farm
  • Goheung PV system

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Major Reference


Samrangjin PV System

  • Client : Korea Western Power Co.
  • Site Location : Samrangjin in Korea
  • Product : Photovoltaic power system
  • Specification : 3,000kW
  • Delivery : 2008

Taean Solar Farm

  • Client : Taean Solar Farm Co.
  • Site Location : Taean in Korea
  • Product : Photovoltaic power system
  • Specification : 1,600kW
  • Delivery : 2008

Goheung PV system

  • Client : Geogeum Energy Co.
  • Site Location : Goheung in Korea
  • Product : Photovoltaic power system
  • Specification : 451.44kW
  • Delivery : 2010

More Project

Client Site Location Product Specification Quantity Delivery
Songdo CCPP Co. Incheon, Korea Photovaltaic power system 90.3kW - 2009
Sangkwang Energy Co. Youngdeok, Korea Photovoltaic power system 722.2kW - 2010
Songdo CCPP Co. Jinjoo, Korea Photovoltaic power system 989.92kW - 2010