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Hyosung manufactures core parts in wind turbine systems, such as the gearbox, generator, controller, and tower, with in-house technologies.

As a pioneer of wind farm engineering in Korea, Hyosung have contributed to renewable energy and environmental preservation. We embarked on our wind turbine system business in the mid-1990s and have since established the best technologies through development of wind turbine system’s components, such as gearboxes, generators, controllers and towers. In 2005, we developed Korea’s first geared-type 750kW wind turbine and successfully commercialized it with outstanding reliability and stability. Moreover, we developed a 2MW wind turbine system which is now under test operations.
We will continue to develop the wind turbine system industry with an offshore 5MW wind turbine system and by expanding our product line-up continuously in the future. We intend to become one of the top ten wind turbine system manufacturers by 2018 based on our technical capabilities of wind turbine system components and comprehensive engineering capabilities.
With respect for people and the environment, Hyosung strives to become a global green energy company by delivering wind energy to the world.

Our Offerings

Hyosung’s HS90 wind turbine system maximizes its performance at the optimal angle and is committed to providing reliable and high-quality systems with customer-focused services.
Based on expertise and know-how in power generation systems and gearbox manufacturing accumulated over the last 30 years, Hyosung developed the HS50 wind turbine system.

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