LNG Refueling System

Hyosung provides customers with the best driving criteria and facility operation through its systems engineering, which is optimized for refueling large-sized LNG vehicles.

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LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is collected at the gas field and its main constituent is methane. Since it has no color, no smell, no pollution material, and its calorific value is high, it is used as a raw material for city gasses. Especially, when the LNG is liquefied, the volume is reduced to 1/600th of its original volume and the boiling point is lowered to 162℃ below zero; therefore it must be charged in special insulated tanks or containers during transportation to keep its temperature lower than the boiling point.
Hyosung’s refueling system provides the optimum solution employing our systems engineering which has been optimized for refueling large-sized LNG vehicle. Based on our significant experience and techniques, Hyosung provides many conveniences that the customers want; even in the regions where no LNG pipe network has been established, Hyosung can provide the LNG and refuel the CNG.


  • Safe since it is lighter (0.65) than air and spreads quickly when it leaks
  • Low risk of fire since its natural ignition point is higher than gasoline, diesel oil, and LPG (the natural ignition point: gasoline 260℃, diesel oil 257℃, LPG 476℃, and natural gas 540℃)
  • Supplied via vehicles; different from the CNG system which supplies the gas through a pipe network, the natural gas can be supplied to regions where no pipe network is installed
  • Lower operation cost than that of CNG since it does not use a large-capacity compressor


LNG Refueling System
Refuels express busses or large-sized trucks with the liquid-type LNG.
More than 300 liters can be refueled per one refueling, suitable for long-distance transportation
LCNG Refueling System
Compresses the 162 ℃ liquid LNG using the extra-high pressure liquid pump to 25MPa and gasifies it, then refuels the vehicle with the gasified LNG
Available to refuel the CNG vehicle in the regions where no city gas pipe network has been installed
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