Special Gear Units

Together with skilled researchers and proven tools such as Romax and KISS Soft, Hyosung manufactures quality special gear units such as a speed increaser for wind turbine, reducer for ships, jack-up rigs, and pulverizers.


Our Offerings

Hyosung’s wind turbine gear unit has to withstand the unpredictable national environment and needs to be reliable since it is difficult to repair after installation.
Hyosung’s vertical roller mill gear plays a core role in pulverizing minerals such as coal or limestone; it has excellent durability against severe environments.
Hyosung’s Jacking System supports the legs of a vessel and maximizes portability for drilling work.
Steel manufacturing facilities such as shear, edger, leveler, and coiler must have high outputs and durability; Hyosung designs steel mill gear units based on its independent technology and accumulated know-how.
The marine gear units have strong durability suitable for the ultimate marine operating conditions and long lifetimes which equals that of a ship.
Hyosung’s cooling tower gear is mounted on a cooling tower and rotates the blade. Varieties of product line-ups from small to large sizes are available.
Hyosung manufactures customized products through technical consulting with customers to provide the exact product demanded.

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