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Chemical Process Equipment

Based on the technology and experience accumulated over the past 25 years, Hyosung produces chemical equipment used for each process of petrochemical and oil gas plants.

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Based on the technology and experience accumulated over the past 25 years, Hyosung produces quality chemical equipment for petrochemical and oil & gas plant facilities all over the world. Our chemical equipment is becoming renowned for its quality in the global market as the company participated in several key projects in South Korea and the Middle East, as well as exported products to Asia and North America.


  • Tower & Column
    Tower & Column is a cylindrical pressure container which stands vertically and contains filler, catalyst, or tray used for chemical reactions such as distillation, reaction, cleaning, and absorbing.
    We have experience manufacturing the general tray type column and large column over 70m, and have participated in major oil, gas, and petrochemical projects as well as supplied various chemical equipment and split towers.
  • Pressure Vessel & Drum
    Pressure vessels are used as a raw material in each process in chemical plants and used to store gas or liquid with vacuum or pressure elements.
    Hyosung’s pressure vessel and drum stores compressed liquid and gas in chemical plants and have been supplied for major projects in North America, Asia, and the Middle East, each with their own proven safety and reliability records.
    We design, produce, test, and deliver pressure vessels based on international codes such as ASME, PD5500, and JIS. In addition, we supply drums made of various materials including high temperature & pressure heavy wall drums.
  • Reactor
    Reactor is a device which stores two or more materials and extracts the required material from the liquid by inducing chemical and mechanical reactions.
    With cost competitiveness and reliable quality, our reactors have a solid position in overseas markets. We have manufactured and supplied various reactors for major projects in the Middle East.
  • Heat Exchanger
    Heat Exchanger enables heat to be exchanged between mediums of low- and high-temperatures through the contact of mediums of different temperatures for cooling, condensation, heating, evaporation, and heat recovery.
    With abundant experience and technical know-how, we have established a great reputation with various coolers, reboilers, and condensers. We also manufacture and deliver the high-quality shell & tube type heat exchangers.
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