Plant EPC

Hyosung provides innovative solutions and services for our customers to improve productivity and reduce costs in engineering and construction of facilities in the industries of power generation, energy, IT material, precision chemical, bio science, and textile material.


Our Offerings

With rich field experiences in design, purchase to construction in the industrial plant business, as well as systematic management systems, Hyosung provides solutions optimized to each customer’s needs.
Hyosung Corporation has been providing optimum solutions and services with rich field experiences and scientific management systems in all material handling areas, such as automated warehouse, sorting system, raw material handling system, and etc.
By continuously developing and investing in energy facility technologies, Hyosung helps its customers enhance their competitiveness and protect the environment.
Hyosung started its ESCO businesses in 1999 and has been recording outstanding performances in energy saving businesses ever since.
Hyosung offers various EPC solutions for various alternative energy sources such as wind power, solar power, fuel cell, and geo thermal in addition to other energy-efficient solutions.

Major References

  • Yongyeon Steam-network project
  • Yongyeon Process Improvement project
  • Deajeon Bio-gas Power generation project

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Major Reference


Yongyeon Steam-network project

  • Client : Daekong Co.
  • Site Location : Ulsan, Korea
  • Product : Steam-Network
  • Delivery : 2009

Yongyeon Process Improvement project

  • Client : Yongyeon Plant
  • Site Location : Ulsan, Korea
  • Product : Process Improvement
  • Delivery : 2006

Deajeon Bio-gas Power generation project

  • Client : Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall
  • Site Location : Daejeon, Korea
  • Product : Bio-gas Power generation
  • Delivery : 2002

Ulsan Pressure differential Power generation project

  • Client : Dongbu Hannong Co., Ltd.
  • Site Location : Ulsan, Korea
  • Product : Pressure differential Power generation
  • Delivery : 2001

More Project

Client Site Location Product Specification Quantity Delivery
Daekong Co. Ulsan, Korea Energy Audit - - 2010
Korea District Heating Corp. Cheongju, Korea Process Improvement - - 2009
Samick Construction Co., Ltd. Gwangju, Korea Co-generation system - - 2008
Byuck San Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. Seoul, Korea Co-generation system - - 2007