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Hyosung provides energy efficiency maximization plans for customers so that they can fully utilize the energy generated within their sites.

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Since 2000, the high oil prices forced governments and companies around the world to reduce energy use, utilize renewable energy, and increase energy efficiency for the future and competitiveness. Businesses in an industrial complex had to analyze their energy usage patterns and utilize surplus steam resulting in prevention of energy losses.

Many businesses generate steam for their manufacturing processes and surplus steam energy was wasted. By providing surplus steam in high, middle, or low pressure to businesses in the neighboring area, energy loss and generation of unnecessary steam may be prevented.

The steam network business of Hyosung builds energy partnerships among companies so that surplus steam of one business can be supplied to another business. The steam network allows the businesses to minimize energy use and reduce production of unnecessary steam generation.
The service also supports MVR (Machinery Vapor Recompressor) and can be provided in connection with the regional incineration plants which have surplus thermal energy for a more efficient steam network.


Hyosung provides a steam network to SK Chemical, SK Energy, and SKC who are building a high-pressure steam network as the first phase in the total 6-phase project in the Ulsan Industrial Complex.
SK Chemical: Provides surplus high-pressure of 20t/h (3kg) to SK Energy.
SK Energy: Supplied with 40t/h (12kg) from SK Chemical, and operates the B-C Oil boiler which generates high-pressure steam. 40t/h (12kg) of the generated high-pressure steam is supplied to SKC.
Benefits of the steam network are as follows:
Businesses benefit from income tax or corporate tax reduction through the Energy Use Rationalization Fund.
Receive higher cost competitiveness through energy saving and additional energy value creation
Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
Preparation for Kyoto Protocol
Participate in the environmental preservation and contribute to the national environment and energy policy
Contribute to environment protection of the local community


  • Examines the steam balance and reviews on the steam pipe technologies
  • Reviews distribution balance through energy diagnosis
  • Establishes energy saving plans through the use of the pinch technology
  • Reviews plans to participate as the steam seller and basic design of the steam pipeline
  • Evaluates the economic efficiency with additional energy supply
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