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Bio Gas Power Generation

Hyosung has abundant experiences in building sewage disposal plants and landfills and provides the best solutions for bio gas power generation.

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Most bio gas consists of methane (CH4: 50~70%), carbon dioxide (CO2: 30~40%) and others gases (1%). Bio gas is supplied to the cogeneration thermal power generator in order to produce power which can be sold to electricity power generation companies and hot water which can be supplied to residential houses. The remaining agents, after generation of the methane gas, can be used as high-quality organic fertilizers.

The London Convention, which will soon take effect, bans disposal of organic substances in the sea water so industries are looking for new measures to manage the waste. As the importance of environment protection is growing, the bio gas power generation system is emerging as a next-generation energy technology which can prevent the emission of green house gases and bad smells, promote recycling of organic energy sources, and protect the environment.

Hyosung built Korea's first food waste disposal plant which generates power from the methane gas produced by food waste, sewage sludge, and animal excretion. Based on accumulated know-how in food waste disposal plants and cogeneration thermal power generation systems, Hyosung is leading the bio gas power generation systems that construct highly efficient, reliable plants for customers.


  • Accumulated experience in sewage disposal plants, landfills, and cogeneration thermal power generation.
  • Built Korea's first food waste disposal plant and methane gas cogeneration thermal power generation plant with a capacity of 1,591 t/day at the Suyeong Sewage Disposal Plant in Busan during 2001 and 2002.
  • Processes 400 to 600 thousand tons of organic waste every year and produced 3 to 7 million ㎥ gas for an annual power generation of 2000 MW/year.
  • Economically efficient facilities and process lines through accumulated expertise and know-how.


Hyosung has high-quality human resources who have rich experience in building power generation, industrial, and energy plants. With its successful records with conducting EPC and turnkey projects in the bio gas power generation fields, Hyosung offers high-quality power generation plants.
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