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Waste Heat Recovery Power Generation

Hyosung offers high-quality thermal energy recollection system by examining the customer’s heat balance and optimizing the design.

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The thermal energy recollection system effectively recollects high-quality thermal energy which results from the manufacturing processes and uses the recollected energy for high-temperature, high-pressure steam generation through the use of the thermal energy recollection boiler. Then steam generated in this way is used to run the steam turbine which is used for power generation as well as steam generation. Manufacturing processes which tend to produce high-quality thermal energies include incineration facilities, cement production facilities, and steel-making facilities. Some petrochemical processes such as sulfur production generate thermal energies as well. The thermal energy recollection system of Hyosung recollects high-quality thermal energy generated in the manufacturing processes in an efficient manner and uses the recollected energy for power and steam generation. The thermal energy recollection system can be used with the existing facilities for maximum energy efficiency.


  • Hyosung provides outstanding reliability through its accumulated experience in designing and manufacturing power generation facilities including motors, electric equipment, and industrial machinery.
  • Boasts successful records with turn-key projects in the power generation and the energy plant fields covering engineering, construction, and commissioning.
  • Offers heat balance analysis in the customer’s site through the use of the optimization program developed by in-house to provide a customized system.
  • Build various steam systems according to the customer’s needs.
  • Various options for remote monitoring and controlling are available.
  • Stable operation is possible by utilizing existing facilities.


Hyosung’s capabilities lie in design, construction, supply, and turnkey construction and Hyosung provides flexible services according to the needs of the customers.
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