GIS PD Monitoring System

As the largest domestic GIS manufacturer, Hyosung’s GIS PD Monitoring System is developed based on advanced technology and experience in PD prevention and diagnosis.

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Hyosung’s GIS PD Monitoring System measures the PD signals which occur in GIS in real time and determines the causes of problems to prevent accidents. The GIS PD Monitoring System allows a highly sensitive UHF sensor to be mounted or built-in and includes a high-performance spectrum analyzer. With these excellent devices, the GIS PD Monitoring System can precisely analyze the data measured at the sensor and, based on the data, it provides a total solution for remote prevention and diagnosis of partial discharges; this is achieved by determining the causes of the partial discharge, determining the place where the partial discharge has occurred, evaluating the severity of the partial discharge, and providing troubleshooting.


UHF PD Sensor
The UHF PD sensor is a high-performance UHF PD sensor design based on Hyosung’s cutting-edge technology, delivering high-sensitivity performance of 2pC or less with a bandwidth ranging from 500MHz to 1500MHz.
Local Unit
With the mounted spectrum analyzer, the local unit accurately measures and analyzes the PD signals transmitted from the sensor. With the functions like signal adjustment, noise masking, self-diagnosis, and abnormal state display, the system can be variably applied (3-channel/9-channel).
Main Unit
With the mounted high-performance workstation, the main unit collects and stores the PD data analyzed by the local unit and manages the data in the remote sites using a web server for efficient system operation.
HMI (Human Machine Interface)
The HMI is software which analyzes the PD data which was collected and stored in the server. It is an optimum system for users to analyze and determine the operational status of the device since it displays the abnormal PD data (frequency/phase in 2D and 3D) and the point where the PD has occurred, determines the cause of the PD, evaluates the severity of the PD, and provides a comprehensive troubleshooting plan, while managing the history data and reporting the PD data.
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