Hyosung’s retrofit service extends the lifetime and improves performance of facilities to suit the current environment.

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Due to long-term use, deterioration, and damages to parts of power facilities,the possibility of accidents is increased To prevent accidents, it is important to extend the lifetime of facilities by replacing the main insulation in key areas.


Customer Value

Extend Lifetime through Retrofit
Reduce the possibility of accidents (ensuring the quality by replacing the parts with the new ones)
Secure a pristine workplace through clean room technology
Replace all parts (spacers and values) which have an influence upon the lifetime of the equipments
Warranty for 42 months
Secure product quality using the test/improvement procedures optimized for the improvement process onsite
Test optimized for the site’s reconstruction process; secure quality through reconstruction process
Lower investment cost compared to replacing with new products
GIS: New product/ transportation to factory/improvement onsite = 281/191/126 (44% less than purchasing new products)
GCB: New product/improvement on site = 207/65 (32% less than purchasing new products)
Reduced transportation cost, transportation installation fee, and S/V cost
Fully compatible with legacy facilities
Simplified work procedure
Optimized improvement process that shortens work time: within 15 days for GIS 2CCT/within 5 days for GCB 1CCT
Improves the cash flow in the long term
Efficient investment by evaluating the investment feasibility based on the lifetime value of the power facilities over the long term
Realize the operation policy of the total power facilities using various portfolios
The current flat operation policy of the power facilities (30-year lifetime for transformer and 20-year lifetime for GIS) lacks logical rationality. Many facilities do not replace old equipment with the new equipment, which may cause power accidents.
Through retrofit, various solutions (replacement with new products and improvement of the facilities in the factory or the site) may be adopted to increase the operational rate and reduce the possibility of accidents
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