ProTAC-M2 is a digital meter that measures harmonics and displays the final measurement values of zero-/negative-phase elements.

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ProTAC-M2 is a digital meter that assesses the harmonics and displays the measurement values of zero-/negative-phase elements. It is a multifunctional product that monitors the active and reactive power as well as the voltage and current of a system.


Rate Value: voltage (phase voltage, interphase voltage), current (phase current, N-phase current), power factor, frequency
Power: active power (constant/reverse), reactive power (inductive/capacitive), apparent power
Energy: active energy (constant/reverse), reactive energy (inductive/capacitive)
Minimum/Maximum Value
Voltage (phase/interphase), current (each phase/total)
Active power (each phase/total), Reactive power (each phase/total), apparent power (each phase/total)
Energy Demand
Current, active current (each phase/total), reactive current (each phase/total), apparent current (each phase/total)
Average value measured over a selected timeframe (1~60 minutes, minute unit selected)
Digital Input: 2 points (transmits data to superordinate system via ModBus communication)
Pulse Output: 2 points (output of different energy pulse)
Communication speed of 2,400~38,400bps via standard ModBus communication protocol (RS485)
Maximum number of connectable equipment: 31 (247 when a repeater is used)
Main configuration parameter is downloadable from a remote PC
Able to substitute the conventional analog method of wide-angle A-meter and V-meter types, A/S, V/S, and conversion devices (A/V/Watt) and minimizes the man-hours for internal wiring
Adopts a draw-out terminal block that allows maintenance to be performed without disconnecting the actual wires
Features a compact size of 96x96 and screw-free repair.


Item ProTAC-M2
Wiring 3-phase and 3-wire/3-phase and 4-wire
Rated Input Current CT: 5A, CT Ratio: 1~2,000 (5~10,000A)
Voltage PT: 110V, PT Ratio: 0.1~4,000 (11~440,000V)
Burden 1.0V or below
Input Range Current 50mA~5.5A
Voltage 10~300VAC(L-N), 10~500VAC(L-L)
Frequency 45~64Hz
Demand Time 1~60min (Programmable)
Digital Input 2 points, DC12~24V, transmits data to superordinate system via ModBus communication
Pulse Output Output Ratio 1, 10, 100 (Wh/Varth/VA), 1, 10, 100 (kWh/kVarh/kVA)
Pulse Open collector TR
Rated 5~24 VDC, max. 30VDC, max. 50mA
Communication Protocol ModBus RTU
Port RS-485, 2 wire, 1 port
Communication Rate 2,400~38,400bps
Power 220VAC±10%, 60Hz, 4VA or below
Product Dimensions (WxHxD: mm) 96.0 x 96.0 x 79.3
Weight (kg) 0.3

Input/Output Specification

Item Metering Range Tolerance Remark
Voltage Phase Voltage 10V~500kV ±0.5% Max/Min – by phase
Interphase Voltage 10V~999kV ±0.5% Max/Min – by phase
Current Phase Current 0.1~11kA ±0.5% Max/Min/Demand – by phase, average
N-phase Current 0.1~11kA ±0.5%
Active Power 0~215MW ±1.0% Max/Min/Demand – by phase/total
Reactive Power 0~215MVar ±1.0% Max/Min/Demand – by phase/total
Apparent Power 0~215MVA ±1.0% Max/Min/Demand – by phase/total
Active Energy 0~99.9GWh ±1.0% Constant (1-I, 2-I)/Reverse (1-E, 2-E)
Reactive Energy 0~99.9Gvarh ±1.0% Inductive (1-L, 2-L)/Capacitive (1-C, 2-C)
Power Factor (PF) Lead/Lag 0~1.00 ±0.1
Frequency 20~99Hz ±0.01Hz
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