As the first developer of 2-pole 800kV switchgear, Hyosung is the total switchgear solution provider offering global customers low, medium, and high voltage switchgears.

Hyosung’s switchgears are manufactured in accordance with all international standards such as ANSI and IEC, and recognized by international certificate authorities such as KEMA, CESI, and KERI for its quality and reliability.

Our Offerings

With world-class technology as a foundation, Hyosung provides the most advanced high voltage GIS and GCB with rated voltage up to 800kV.
Hyosung’s medium voltage switchgear, which boasts high reliability, is optimal for power generation, plants, general industrial use, buildings, and public facilities.
With its compact size, solid interior partition, and perfect insulation, Hyosung’s low-voltage switchgear is the best-selling switchgear of the company.

Major References

  • 800kV GIS Supplied to China
  • 550kV GIS Supplied to Brazil
  • 420kV GIS Supplid to India

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Major Reference


800kV GIS Supplied to China

  • Client : State Grid/China High Voltage
  • Site Location : China
  • Product : High-voltage GIS
  • Specification : 800kV, 50kA, 8,000A
  • Quantity : 19
  • Delivery : 2009

550kV GIS Supplied to Brazil

  • Client : ANEEL/JIRAU Hydro Power Plant PJT
  • Site Location : Brazil
  • Product : High-voltage GIS
  • Specification : 550kV, 50kA, 6,000A
  • Quantity : 18
  • Delivery : 2010

More Project

Client Site Location Product Specification Quantity Delivery
National Thermal Power Corporation India High-voltage GIS 420kV, 40kA, 2,500A 33 2009
Tenaga Nasional Berhad/KL South Malaysia High-voltage GIS 300kV, 40kA, 4,000A 13 2002
FGC-UES/Stroytehnokontatkt Ltd. Russia High-voltage GIS 220kV, 50kA, 2,000A 6 2010
Saudi Electricity Company - Central Operating Area Saudi Arabia High-voltage GIS 140kV, 40kA, 2,000A 20 2009
Integral Energy/Guildford PJT Australia High-voltage GIS 132kV, 40kA, 250A 17 2012