Low Voltage Switchgear

With its compact size, solid interior partition, and perfect insulation, Hyosung’s low-voltage switchgear is the best-selling switchgear of the company.

Hyosung’s low-voltage switchgear, developed with in-house advanced technology, is the best enclosed switchgear with high-performance and reliability. It is the optimal product for power facilities, buildings, factories, public buildings, and various other power plants.

Our Offerings

Hyosung’s Load Center, with rated voltage of 600V or lower, includes a draw-out large-capacity Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), potential transformer, and current transformer as auxiliary units.
Hyosung’s Motor Control Center is best suited for industries such as metal, paper, and petrochemical. It monitors the variable structural units such as the drive center, the load center, and the auxiliary units.
Control & Protection Panel manages all functions related to overall protection and control of circuit breakers, transformers, bus bars, and feeder lines for supplying stable power.
Hyosung’s Metal-Enclosed Bus Duct is covered with a metal case, suitable for power plants and substations, buildings, and bus bar facilities in a factory.

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