Load Center

Hyosung’s Load Center, with rated voltage of 600V or lower, includes a draw-out large-capacity Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), potential transformer, and current transformer as auxiliary units.

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Our Load Center has rated voltage of 600V or lower and features a draw-out type large-capacity air circuit breaker, potential transformer, and current transformer as auxiliary units. It is also equipped with indicators (ammeter, voltmeter), a protection relay (under-voltage, ground), a manipulation switch, and a test terminal block on the front. In addition, it provides sufficient space for the primary and secondary circuit’s cable connection to allow easy installation and maintenance and has a control instrument on the front for easy operation.


Compact and Lightweight for Minimized Installation Area and Economic Construction
Features a double or triple stack load center structure for easy access to the load, even in narrow areas
Reduces cable accidents and losses in the board to improve voltage fluctuations which enables efficient and concentrated distribution.
Superior Reliability and Stability
The protection capability and stability of the enclosure meets the specifications of JEM, IEC, and ANSI. It features a high breaking and high performing solid static type switchgear as a protection device, which improves reliability and system protection functions.
Diversity and Compatibility
Air circuit breaker may be installed and it supports future extension by utilizing unit standards and standard parts.
Integrated System
Easy to line-up the transformer enclosure with the epoxy cast resin transformer manufactured by Hyosung in order to configure as a comprehensive load center.
Easy Installation, Operation, and Maintenance
Sufficient area in feeder cable connection of primary and secondary circuits to allow for easy installation and maintenance. Designed and manufactured in a per-feeder unit type to ensure easy maintenance.
Wide Application
Available to be used for diverse purposes including generation plants, industrial factories, buildings, pumping stations and other low voltage power and lighting power receiving and distribution facilities.


The low-voltage switchgear is partitioned with the circuit breaker panel in the front and the bus conductor cable panel at the rear.
The meter and protective relays are installed at the front door and the auxiliary relays are included in the auxiliary compartment in the upper part of the cubicle. The main bus and the connection conductor in the bus compartment is made of copper and the bus is arranged by taking into account the mechanical strength influenced by heat and electromagnetic factors.
The bus support uses an epoxy insulator or SMC supporter which has strong thermal and mechanical characteristics and superior electrical strength. According to the request of customers, the ACB, MCCB, or the instrument transformer may be designed to be drawn-out or fixed and products with the same specifications are designed to be interoperable with them.
Circuit Breaker Compartment
The circuit breaker panel has two or three compartment layers according to the type circuit and bus current. Each compartment and bus compartment is isolated by the ground metal plate.
Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)
The contactor of the primary disconnection part is coated with silver and mounted on the rear of the circuit breaker. Its strong current guarantees a good conductivity.


Item Specification
Rated Voltage 600V AC
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Short Time Current Up to 85kA
Phase 3∅ 3W, 3∅ 4W
Rated Current 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 3150, 4000A
Applicable Standard ANSI, IEC, NEMA, JEM
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