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Metal Enclosed Busduct

Hyosung’s Metal-Enclosed Bus Duct is covered with a metal case, suitable for power plants and substations, buildings, and bus bar facilities in a factory.

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  • The rated voltage of the low-voltage NSPB is less than 1kV and the rated current is available up to 5,000A. It uses flexible connectors to connect with conductors of power generator, transformer, switchgear, and the bus duct.
The enclosure of the medium-voltage NSPB is made of cold rolled steel with a thickness of at least 2.3 mm or the aluminum sheet of 4.0 mm thickness. The indoor type has a dust-tight structure while the outdoor type has a weather-tight structure. The enclosure has an aesthetic exterior with power coating which also prevents corrosion and acid.
Each enclosure is connected to each other in an appropriate length using bolts. In order to prevent dust and water in the connection area, the gasket cover is used and a check cover or door is placed on the top or bottom of the enclosure.


  • Rated voltage is over 1kV and less than 36kV and the rated current is available up to 5,000A.
  • Material of the conductor is copper or aluminum; insulation tubing of the conductor is available at the request of the customer
  • Insulation laminate or epoxy insulator is used for conductor support taking into account the mechanical strength, against the short circuit
  • Conductor size is designed to withstand the continuous ratings of the system and thermal characteristics of short circuit
  • Connecting area of the conductor is silver-alloyed in order to prevent deterioration and designed considering the overall thermal expansion of the conductor
  • In order to prevent condensed water in the unit, the bushing is installed in the penetration of the wall, the section where the indoor/outdoor busduct is connected
  • Wall penetration is constructed after providing installation perfect weatherproof material
  • One space heater per unit is included in the indoor/outdoor busduct to eliminate moisture
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