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Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Hyosung offers Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) which features minimal maintenance and improved stability.

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Hyosung’s Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) adopts the latest vacuum switching technology to support up to 120,000 switching operations. By offering various models ranging from 7.2kV to 36kV, we are able to offer specifications optimal for plants and facilities across the world. VCBs are classified as: Fixed, E-class draw-out type, F2-class draw-out type, and G-class draw-out type.


Easy Maintenance (No Oiling or Adjustment Needed)
The VCB is a maintenance-free product, ensuring electronic switching 10,000 times without oiling or adjustment under normal operation condition
Switching times: minimum 10,000, maximum 30,000;
Mechanical switching times: up to 120,000
Users generally uses VCB approximately 3,000 times (until a panel's lifecycle ends)
By measuring the corrosion and abrasion of a contact point, VI replacement timing is displayed to allow for fast action for repair or maintenance
Optimum design mechanism
All driving parts adopts abrasion-resistive bearings
Optimum tolerance maintains uniform operation characteristics
Permanent lubrication (corrosion prevention) in bearing and latch parts
Maintains stable operation characteristics, even with frequent switching or after extended periods of non-use
Adoption of VI using the latest vacuum switching technology
Uses VI, the optimized vacuum-switching technology, which surpasses legacy technology in every respect
Ensures the electric switching lifecycle of a product through a strict quality assurance system and test technology
Superior quality
High quality realized by automated manufacturing processes
Operation characteristics are computer-controlled for every product
Comparison of test data and accumulated date ensures optimum management
No faults or rust in mechanical and bolt areas are found even after 20-30 years of use

VCB VI Breaker Point and Vacuum Technology

  • Radial Method (Low Breaking Capacity)
    Contact designed to apply vertical magnetic field to an arc upon breaking along the radial contact surface, which prevents local heating of an electrode by rotating the generated arc along the surface of the circumference.
  • Axial Magnetic Method (Low Breaking Capacity)
    Contact designed to evenly spread an arc across the entire area along the contact surface of a disc shape, which prevents local heating of an electrode, properly controlling the 80kA breaking current.

Arc on Radial and Axial Magnetic Field Contact

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