System Solution

Hyosung offers a wide-area, integrated monitoring sewage management system as well as a power-integration and a preventive diagnostic system utilizing an electrical power IT system.

Based on Hyosung’s customer service experiences in water treatment, industrial plant, and power facilities, it offers a wide-area, integrated monitoring sewage management system, and a power-integration and preventive diagnostic system utilizing an electric power IT system. In addition, Hyosung provides solutions that will enhance customer value and competitiveness by increasing the synergy between industrial and electric equipment.

Our Offerings

Hyosung’s Distributed Control System divides source-unit systems applied to automatic process control systems in a manner that is suitable to each plant. This is accomplished by Hyosung’s distributed control system.
ECMS (Electrical Equipment Control & Monitoring System) is a system that protects the electric facilities in power plants and substations. It features interfaces like the digital protection relay and HMI.
HiSAS implements a total automated operation system for substations by acquiring the operational data and linking the monitoring and control facilities to the automatic operation program.

Major References

  • Shuaiba North Co-generation Plant
  • Ha-Dong Thermal Plant Unit 7 & 8 (1,000MW)
  • Substation of BACICA, etc.

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Major Reference


More Project

Client Site Location Product Specification Quantity Delivery
Kuwait Ministry of Electricity & Water Kuwait ECMS 90 IEDs, 12 station units, 3,500 points, IEC-61850 - 2009
KEPCO (Korea Southern Power Co.) Korea ECMS 345kV BCU, TR Prot., 6.9kV, 480V, 220 IEDs, 8,000 points, IEC-61850 - 2007
KESHI (Albania Power Co.) Albania ECMS 120 IEDs, 400 points - 2006