Distributed ControlSystem

Based on expertise accumulated over two decades in the water treatment and plant industry, Hyosung has supplied approximately 100 systems to domestic and overseas customers.



Hyosung’s Distributed Control System divides source-unit systems applied to automatic process control systems in a manner that is suitable to each plant. This is accomplished by Hyosung’s distributed control system. A high-speed network connects the central monitoring system to the mini-system to produce an integrated system.


  • Improves reliability and minimizes failures by distributing the control functions to each mini-system
  • Centralizes the distributed systems for efficient data processing and operation management


  • Provides consistent process management for flexible control which improves the reliability and increase applicability
  • Suitable for complicated plant processes, allowing the operators to maintain the system with basic training
  • Processes the data and performs control functions with limited manpower
  • Internalizes the complex associations, data collection, and reporting function together with accessibility, even when a separate system is added
  • Offers a configurable screen for process control through a central system

Our Offerings

TOSDIC-CIE DS, a distributed control system, is highly reliable with quick processing functions due to its use of a workstation as well as engineering tools compatible with networks offered by multiple vendors.
In order to meet the evolving trend in the industry, Hyosung’s V-Series selects sequences, loops, and computer modules according to the customer’s purpose and implements an integrated controller which can be connected to the single-module rack.
HIPAC Series is an integrated control system ensuring both openness and scalability; it features an open structure and uses Windows as an operation platform while providing a convenient user interface.

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