HIPAC Series

HIPAC Series is an integrated control system ensuring both openness and scalability; it features an open structure and uses Windows as an operation platform while providing a convenient user interface.

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The integrated system of the HIPAC Series, aimed at openness and scalability, can be configured with the Human Interface Station (Model Name: HIS6000), Process Control Station (Model Name: PCS4000/6000), Field Control Station (Model Name: FCS6000), and more. Each station is accessed via a data-way according to the IEEE802.3/IEEE802.4.
It adopts an open structure according to the trend of international technology providing customers with a convenient and intuitive user interface. Moreover, the Hi-Net, a standard communication network of the HIPAC Series, satisfies IEEE802.3/IEEE802.4. Additionally, the HIPAC Series effortlessly interfaces with the heterogeneous devices of which the standard protocol is TCP/IP or UDP/IP while the devices are connected to the legacy Lan.

For powerful user interfaces, the HIPAC Series adopts a convenient and intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface) and OLE (Object Linking & Embedding) to provide the user with accurate and detailed operation information. In addition, to integrate a variety of information including the information on several PLCs, the upper systems in the plant can be quickly accessed via the data screen of the HIPAC Series while the system can be configured in various ways by selecting the system configuration with the face plate, the data display type, and the online tag group.
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