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TOSDIC-CIE DS, a distributed control system, is highly reliable with quick processing functions due to its use of a workstation as well as engineering tools compatible with networks offered by multiple vendors.

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High reliability and processing speed workstation
Sufficient peripheral support provided to operator
Supports keyboard, mouse, touch panel or a dedicated keyboard (a multi loop handling function) manipulation
Provides competent voice output devices, printers, etc. which provide the operator with a wide range of support
Accurate and easy-to-use multi-window
Displays frequently used screens with a single click, using a menu bar or tool bar
Provides a multi-window (four-panel display) allowing the user to obtain ample information on a single screen
Rich functions to support monitoring and manipulation
Provides convenient functions, e.g., reporting, screen scroll, zooming of a graphic screen, and remote operation by default
Improves reliability by ensuring installation of a station for specific operations through a redundancy configuration
Various alarm handling methods
Possible to save pattern and notification alarm per measurement point (tag)
Provides a [Representative Alarm Display Function] which provides only the most urgent alarm in the tag to avoid the generation of excessive alarms
Group screen and multi loop operation manipulation possible
Groups multiple tags for display on a single screen
Manipulates multiple tags simultaneously using a multi-loop operation function
Increasing system performance
Realizes performance suitable for medium-/large-scale systems via multi CPU
Client/Server method
With the Client/Server mechanism of the SVR-DS and the OIS-DS, supports a speedy screen response for man-machine interface, even for a medium-/large-scale system
Basic Specification
Realizes continuous control and high-speed scan control with only one controller
Mounts a customer processor, besides that of the universal processor, enabling high-speed calculations
Secures continuous control with a separate power supply, control calculation, and data bus
Provides various data transmission buses and input/output modules for diverse uses
Item Specification
Program Ladder / Data Flow Diagram 400 Step/Page, 320 Page
Control Flow Diagram 1,280 Byte/Page, 1,000 Page
  • Indicator: 768 Points/Station
  • Loop : 256 Points/Station
  • Counter: 128 Points/Station
  • Digital : 768 Points/Station
  • Data Block: 256 Points/Station
  • Sequence: 128 Points/Station
Software Tools
OIS-DS Tool: Manages multiple systems using only one tool capable of applying the information registered by the tool via the Internet and improving the debug efficiency
PCS-DS Tool: Depending on the purpose of control, the control program can be specially programmed using the visual program. The interpretation of the internal status and breakdown of the controller, as well as its diagnosis, are available. Various utilities, such as online monitoring and print-out of the completed diagram, are supported.
Graphic Editor (using SL-GMS): Able to reuse graphic symbols
Report Drawing Tool: Increases user convenience by using Microsoft Excel
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