In order to meet the evolving trend in the industry, Hyosung’s V-Series selects sequences, loops, and computer modules according to the customer’s purpose and implements an integrated controller which can be connected to the single-module rack.

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The trend to control plants and equipment has been significantly altered to reflect the move towards high-performance and diversification. Now overall operation and maintenance is controlled through an efficient integrated system, not separate controllers. The V-Series controller can be selectively configured according to the size of the system; three types of CPU modules (large, small, and stand-alone macro models) are available and are selected according to the desired control functions.
In addition, CPU modules may be combined according to the desired control functions, and the CPU modules (L3/L2/L1), which are dedicated to continuous PID control, may be combined for loop control.

The CPU modules (C3/C2) for sequence control use Windows for their OS and ITRON (Industrial The Real-time Operating System Nucleus) for control. With this real-time OS, a variety of universal software is available for use. The V-Series adopts the Ethernet and FieldBus for its communication device. Moreover, it establishes a redundant system and transmission path diagnostic function for securing system reliability.

The V-Series adopts the station bus and shared memory for reliable connectivity. For a wider selection of modules, it provides advanced and intelligent L-modules, high-speed and reliant S-modules, and C-modules which introduce computer controlling to the controller.
Additionally, it supports an Ethernet, FieldBus, and DeviceNet configured open network and provides various module types according to capacity for high-level scalability within the system.
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