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In order to meet the evolving trend in the industry, Hyosung’s V-Series selects sequences, loops, and computer modules according to the customer’s purpose and implements an integrated controller which can be connected to the single-module rack.

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Sequence Control Module
High-speed Processing: The IEC language processor installed in the sequence control module supports the ladder diagram, integer operation, and floating point unit operation for fast scanning under 40ns.
Real-time Online Tracking: Since the IEC language processor has a function that stores the process data calculation values, the engineering tool can monitor real-time values, operation flow, and the logic time chart.
Connection to the Computer: Connectable to the computer or the operator’s interface device using the RS-485 serial communication ports built into the sequence control module.
Support of Network: With the powerful communication provision, establishes a wide range of networks with other systems via the Ethernet, control network ModBus, ProfiBus, FL-Net, ADMAP, TC-Net, TOSLINE-S20/S20LP, TOSLINE-F10, DeviceNet, and RS-232C/RS-485 serial interface.
Loop Control Module
Hyper-PID Control: The loop control module can be used for the applications which control process loops, sequence, and batch. The Hyper-PID control function provided by this loop control module allows for Double-cross Limit, continuous control, and separate Feedforward/Feedback control. Based on the Hyper-PID control function, Hyosung has developed a function for implementing the essential factors of the PID control algorithm that can be effective in controlling any plant disturbance problems.
Monitoring: The loop control module supports the interface station for operators, OIS-DS, OIS1200, and OIS1200i via the Ethernet control LAN. In addition, the loop control data is simply connected to the SCADA package via the system tag.
Various Models: The Model 3000 processes 256 control loops, while the Model 2000 and the Model 1000 can process 96 and 8 control loops, respectively.
Easy Maintenance: In the Model 2000 and the Model 3000, the controller configuration (CPU and Power) and the network are redundant for system reliability. Online maintenance is available by uploading/downloading the program or mounting/removing the I/O module.
Computer Module
Compatible with IBM PC/AT: The computer module is the industrial PC/AT-compatible PC which is operated within the main base. This computer module shares common memory data with the other control modules via a station bus and allows predictive control and global network establishment. Since it can directly access the I/O modules, the micro control application can be supported.
Windows OS: The computer module uses Windows NT (version 4.0) or Windows OS as its operation system. In addition, the Windows application package is available
Useful Web Server: The computer module provides station bus communication which supports the data exchange between the sequence control module and the standard Windows application package. Based on the communication, it is easy to implement the web server application necessary for remote monitoring and operation.
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