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ECMS (Electrical Equipment Control & Monitoring System) is a system that protects the electric facilities in power plants and substations. It features interfaces like the digital protection relay and HMI.

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Our ECMS (Electronic Equipment Control & Monitoring System) is a system which monitors and controls power generation facilities in a power plant or a substation; it is divided into the Bay, the InterBay, and the Station levels.

The Bay level consists of the Protection Relay, Bay Controller, PLC, and RTU. It acquires the status and data of transformers, buses, and feeders and transmits them to the upper system. When any failure occurs or commands are received from the upper system, it controls the circuit breaker and is capable of performing other functions accordingly. It uses IED (Intellectual Electronic Device) which allow communication between IEDs and supports failure analysis and smooth operation & maintenance of the grid.

The InterBay level processes and sorts the status and data of the devices found in the Bay Level and transmits them to the Station level. It performs the necessary logic using the acquired data, receives commands from the Station level, and transmits the commands to each Bay level device.

The Station level stores the data received from the lower level and displays the system status in a graphic format. It generates events or alarms for important data to assist in user recognition and subsequently prints out the data. In addition, it receives user commands, transmits them to the lower level, receives the results from the lower level, and displays the final result. Therefore, it is able to analyze the failures and remotely set the devices in the Bay level.

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