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HiSAS implements a total automated operation system for a substation by acquiring the operation data and linking the monitoring and control facilities to the automatic operation program.


The HiSAS is a total automated operation system for a substation that gathers a substation's operational information and connects the automatic operation program to the monitoring and control equipment. It supports comprehensive data management and the acquisition of substation data in order to maximize efficiency and convenience of system operations.

Based on the advanced substation technology, the HiSAS provides a comprehensive preventive diagnostic of substation equipment, excellent security, and disaster prevention functions in order to protect customer assets from intrusion and the risk of disaster at all times. With its functional modulization configuration of the system, the HiSAS delivers easy system design and scalability. In addition, it guarantees reliability based on various application experiences and the redundant system configuration. A convenient environment and automated operation support allows the customer to operate the system efficiently with very little effort.

Our Offerings

HiSAS-V is a power monitoring system which displays the data, event, and failure information in a graphic format.
HiSAS-D monitors the power facilities online in order to diagnose any anomaly within the facilities at the earliest possible stage.
HiSAS-S is an automated substation system used for security monitoring and disaster prevention; it monitors fire and substation intrusion via CCTV and various other sensors.

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