HiSAS-V is a power monitoring system which displays data, event information, and failure information from the site in a graphic format optimal for user recognition.

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HiSAS-V is a power monitoring system which displays the data, event, and failure information in a graphic format optimal for user recognition. This screen, implemented in the Windows system, allows the user to understand and respond to the system status in real-time, as an example, the user may control each CB and DS point. In addition, it displays the historical data entry of key points in real-time for users to view the event data and failure data through DB while providing a report management form which can be edited according to user discretion. The system configuration of the HiSAS-V is shown below.

System Configuration

User Console

Single-line Display
Real-time display of status & measurement values
One-click on a diagram to move to detailed information
Elegant GUI screen
History trend
Max X, Y-axis value changeable
Search by date and hour
Changeable display items
IED Detail
Real-time data
CB status
CB ON/OFF control
IED Setting
IED settings confirmation
IED settings change
Report Management
Manages daily and monthly reports
Report editable in Excel
Supports random search and display
Auto display function
Communication Status
Real-time communication status
Panel mounting diagram
Checks the communication state per panel
Alarm Management
Manages the internal alarm in the system
Distinguished display for easy identification
Sets time for monitoring purposes
CB Event Management
Manages all CB events
Distinguished display for easy identification
Real-time Trend
Displays real-time data trend
X and Y-axis settings changeable
Changeable display items
Demand Control
Circuit breaker input and breaking
Electric energy initialization
Relay setting
Controls maximum power consumption, etc.
System Security
Sets the system security level
Sets the user and group levels
System access restriction per level
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