Cutting-edge designs and advanced analysis tools as well as strict in-process quality control and testing help ensure its unmatched record of reliability.

In all industries from infrastructure systems to households, transformers play a vital role in securing a reliable power supply. Hyosung‘s transformers have been supplied to customers all over the world with full customer satisfaction and is building its reputation as a manufacturer with quality, professionalism, and superior technology.

Our Offerings

As the first domestic manufacturer of 765kV power transformers, Hyosung has earned a reputation of having the highest quality for over 40 years.
Hyosung was the first to produce a cast resin transformer in Korea and has since been recognized for its technology in the substation transmission and distribution industry.
Hyosung offers efficient shunt reactors that are manufactured to the needs of the global customers, helping to increase the effectiveness of their grids.
Hyosung’s SF6 gas insulated transformers are an excellent solution for densely populated and environmentally sensitive areas where oil-free transformers are needed.
Hyosung provides transformers that are designed to fulfill the special purposes of the global customers.

Major References

  • Power Transformers Supplied to UK
  • Power Transformers Supplied to Venezuela
  • Power Transformers Supplied to India

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Major Reference


Power Transformers Supplied to UK

  • Client : National Grid
  • Site Location : UK
  • Product : 275kV 120 ~ 400kV 1,100MVA Power Transformers
  • Delivery : 2012~2016
From 2012 to 2016, in a span of five years, Hyosung will participate in a project to supply power transformers at a scale worth USD270 million, based on orders received by National Grid. The transformers that will be supplied to the UK electricity power industry will range from 275kV 120 MVA to 400kV 1100 MVA.
National Grid is an international electricity and gas company and one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. It owns and operates the high voltage electricity transmission network and the gas national transmission system in Great Britain.

More Project

Client Site Location Product Specification Quantity Delivery
CVG EDELCA Venezuela 765kV Power Transformers 500MVA, 333MVA 4 2008
PGCIL India Power Transformers 765/400/33 14 2011