Power Transformer

As the first domestic manufacturer of 765kV power transformers, Hyosung has earned a reputation of having the highest quality for over 40 years.

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Various Types

Various types of transformers are available according to the specific requirements including single phase and three phase transformers, auto and multi-winding transformers, reactors and transformers for special applications such as furnace transformer, rectifier transformer and more.

Fit Design

If there are any constraints related to transportation or site conditions, we can offer fit design transformer to ensure smooth shipping and installation. We also possess experience in transportation by airplanes.


To ensure safe operation of our transformers, potential hazards are identified and eliminated at all stages. Safety during installation is ensured by extending on-site support to customers by our experienced and efficient supervisor.

Flexible Manufacturing System

Our production flow management system is fully computerized and automatically controlled to prioritize and finalize the manufacturing schedules based on delivery dates. This system yields the most optimized use of resources and also enables us to accommodate the unexpected and/or urgent orders by customers with shorter time delivery requirements.

Simple Handling and Maintenance

Compact design of our transformers ensure easy and smooth handling of transformers whereas Efficient design and manufacturing process and use of reliable components and accessories from reputed manufacturers ensure the trouble free operation rendering low maintenance cost of the equipment.

Customized Solutions

Tailor-made customized transformers can also be supplied based on the specific requirements.

Smart Grid Enabled

Design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance & repair of electric power facilities (transformer, GIS, and switchboard) are based on technology and knowhow accumulated over the past 35 years. By linking Hyosung’s new preventive diagnostic system, users can diagnose the status of the equipment and schedule inspections through data received in real-time, including partial discharge and insulation oil deterioration, OLTC monitoring, insulation oil temperature, operation status of cooling fans, pumps, motor operation, and oil filter pressure.
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