Power Transformer

As the first domestic manufacturer of 765kV power transformers, Hyosung has earned a reputation of having the highest quality for over 40 years.

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Design and Analysis

Hyosung transformers distinctly stand out from the competition with world-class engineering and unparalleled quality. Our engineering teams use highly efficient, reliable and accurate software programs based on state-of-art techniques for preparing most optimized design to deliver the low cost and high quality products. 2-D electric field analysis for optimization of insulation structure, 3-D magnetic field analysis for determination of partial overheating and tank shield optimization and stress analysis for determination of seismic withstand and short circuit capability are few to name. Our 3-D CAD engineering system allows us to review the final product before assembly preventing errors and minimizing defects at manufacturing stage. Our dedicated R&D cell continue to research and develop innovative, efficient and cost effective designs and working towards standardization of the design parameters to reduce the lead cycle time.
Transient Analysis
The program uses advanced technique for calculation of the various parameters like stresses on each turns, coils and windings. The windings are divided into several segments and the actual test conditions are simulated by proper input. The program gives the values of resistance, inductance and capacitance which are further used to calculate the electrostatic stresses along the winding and determine adequacy of the insulation structure and requirement of intershielding and/or interleaving.
Magnetic Field Analysis
Electromagnetic calculations are performed to describe the stray field in a transformer and to calculate transformer parameters such as impedance, losses and short-circuit forces can be made in the initial design stage.
Thermal Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to understand the thermal behavior of the transformer. CFD analysis enables the designer to accurately calculate the fluid velocity, oil and winding temperature in all parts of the transformer.
Structural Analysis
Structural analysis is performed to ensure safe operation of the transformer and a robust construction to withstand static and dynamic forces.

Data Management

Hyosung maintains database of its engineering schematics. By using our PDM (product data management) system, the design lead cycle time can be reduced by fetching data from existing high quality design units for reference at design stage. Our commitment to provide the transformers with best quality at most competitive price inspires us to strive for innovative research and development which in turn brings perfection to our products making us a reputed name in transformer industry.
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