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Gas Transformer

Hyosung provides transformers that are designed to fulfill the special purposes of the global customers.

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Hyosung’s special transformers are used when equipment available on site have a unique voltage. Complying to international quality standards, these transformers offer high performance without any hassle.

FACTS Transformer

Hyosung’s FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System) transformer uses large capacity inverter technology to control the power system with high precision and high speed. Through the large capacity inverter, the transformer is designed and manufactured so that the effects from the flow of the harmonic currents and the DC current are minimized to improve the stability of the overall power system and quality, increase power transmission capacity, and reduce the total power transmission cost.

Mobile Transformer

Hyosung’s mobile transformer is transported by and operated while fixed on a transportation vehicle. Its structure allows quick transportation and requires no assembly for installation. Hyosung uses a special insulation material suitable for high temperatures to satisfy the transportation conditions and to provide the maximum capacity.

Furnace Transformer

Hyosung’s furnace transformer has been designed with strong withstanding voltage characteristics and high short circuit strength; it is mainly used as a shell type in steel manufacturing. Due to the operation characteristics of the furnace transformer, frequent switching surges and short circuit operations often occur and Hyosung's furnace transformer secures high reliability in order to solve this problem. In addition, since its current at the low voltage part is far higher than the general transformer for electric power, it uses the bar-coil which can endure the high current capacity to enhance the overall reliability.

Scott Transformer

Scott wiring transformer is mainly used for feeding power to the electric railways. Hyosung’s scott wiring transformer is designed to resolve the unbalance of the three-phase due to the single-phase load of the electric railway. To get a single-phase from the three-phase, the principal coordinate and the T-coordinate are Scott-wired. Specifications of the transformers for feeding the power to the electric railway are 30/40MVA, 45/60MVA, 60/80MVA, and 90/120MVA.
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