As the global top welding machine & solution provider, of welding machines, Hyosung offers the best quality machines that fits the exact needs of customers.

Hyosung entered the welding machine business in 1978 and accumulated technology and know-how through technical cooperation. We have since analyzed the needs of customers in the automobile, industrial and the shipbuilding industries to developed customer-focused, quality products. We also continue initiate new technology development with a mission to grow together with our customers.
Our CO₂inverter type welding machine holds 70% market share in the domestic automobile industry and the CO₂welding machine for shipbuilding has been recognized for its unique, specialized functions and quality. In 2007, we supplied approximately 13,000 welding machines and was ranked No. 1 in the domestic market.

Our Offerings

Hyosung’s arc welding machines is developed with in-house digital waveform control method so that aluminum, stain-less, steel and various types of materials may be welded outstandingly.
Hyosung’s spot welding machines is a state-of-the-art product that maximizes productivity and reliability with the inverter control technology as a foundation.
Hyosung’s spot special machines offers a total solution for the manufacturing process of design > production > engineering > service in the automobile fuel tank, manufacturing construction, transformer enclosures, railway and more.

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