Hyosung’s arc welding machines possess the best function to perfectly overcome problems that may occurs during the welding process with its specialized multi-functional utility.


Our Offerings

Hyosung’s DC Arc Welding Machine is designed to be efficient with stable welding current for superior manual welding of special alloys.
Hyosung’s CO₂/MAG SCR Type Welding Machine is specially designed for the shipbuilding and industrial industry and is a multi-functional model for gouging and manual welding.
Hyosung’s CO₂/MIG/MAG Inverter Type Welding Machine features an optimum inverter waveform control with micro-processor that enables arc stability and creates a clean bead.
Hyosung’s CO₂/MIG/MAG Pulse Type Welding Machine allows high speed, high quality welding on anti-corrosive materials for automobile industries.
Hyosung’s MIG Arc Brazing Welding Machine is highly efficient equipment optimized for welding thin boards.
Hyosung’s Submerged Welding Machine features stability and efficiency in a wide range of welding currents.
Hyosung's TIG Welding Machine makes it possible to weld a wide range of materials from thin to thick plates. Optimal for onsite work, it also features various protection functions.
Hyosung’s Air Plasma Cutter is an economical model best suited for outside worksites and also features various protection functions.

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