CO2 MAG SRC TypeWeldingMachine

Hyosung’s CO₂/MAG SCR Type Welding Machine is specially designed for the shipbuilding and industrial industry and is a multi-functional model for gouging and manual welding.

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  • The ProPAC Series is a multi-functional, highly efficient welding machine specialized for shipbuilding and industrial sectors.


  • Advanced Functions That Solve The Welding Troubles Completery
    • 3-way feed back system and PCB protection
      • The system maintains stable output at fluctuation of main voltage by up to ± 15%.
      • The system regulates the output at extension of secondary welding cable by up to 120m (60sq).
      • The system maintains consistent feeding speed at a drop of voltage due to longer secondary welding cable or fluctuation of load current of the feeder motor.
      • The system protects the PCB circuit against short-circuit at a single cable during the welding work, and continues the welding work without interruption.
  • Multi-Function Model For Gouging And Manual Welding
    • The system supports the gouging function that is essential in thick plate welding process in the shipbuilding and heavy industries. The system demonstrates its optimum performance for the elevated welding work as it supports DC manual welding. (Applied carbon bar : 3.2 ~ 11mmØ : based on 600A series)
    • With the built-in secondary over-current protection circuit, the system protects SCR and transformer against damage caused by the functional selection error during the gouging work.
  • Smooth Arc Start Characteristic With H.W.C.(Hotstart Wave Control) System
    • With unique control technique, optimum start waveform is made and enables low spatter and smooth arc start.
  • The Complete Welding Power Protection Circuit Guarantees Maximum Stabili
    • If the output current rises excessively due to the short-circuit between the welding cable (+) and the parent metal (-) the secondary over-current protection circuit automatically blocks the output to protect SCR and the transformer.
    • If the internal temperature rises due to the fan error, defective ventilation or excessive load, the internal temperature protection circuit automatically blocks the output to protect SCR and the transform.
  • The Proprietary Cte Control Circuit Realizes Zero-Defect Weldin
    • Even when the stick-out (projected length) changes during the temporary welding work or the welding work on a rough surface, the system supplies consistent heat to the parent metal, maintaining regular arc length. Therefore, the penetration depth and the bead width are also maintained consistently, and the welding error is minimized.
  • Reinforced Energy-Saving Function
    • In a given time (within 30 seconds) after the welding work is stopped, the system automatically blocks the power to the transformer, and stops the cooling fan(1~7minutes) dependant on welding current, minimizing waste of ineffective power consumption.


Model ProPAC350 ProPAC500 ProPAC600
Welding method CO2/MAG(MIG) CO2/MAG(MIG) CO2/MAG(MIG)
DC Arc welding DC Arc welding DC Arc welding
- DC gouging DC gouging
Welding power Type HW-S350 HW-S500 HW-S600
Input voltage V 220, 380, 440
Frequency Hz 50, 60
Frequency - 3Phase
Rated input kVA 18 30 41
kW 16 26 36
Welding A 50~350 50~500 60~720
Crater A 50~350 50~500 60~720
A 50~350 60~500 80~720
Gouging A - 60~500 80~720
Welding V 15~36 15~45 15~52
Crater V 15~36 15~45 15~52
V 15~36 15~45 15~52
Gouging V - 15~45 15~52
Duty cycle % 60 60 70(at 720A)
100 (at 600A)
Dimension (W×D×H)) mm 375×560×730 445×660×810 490×690×850
Weight kg 100 141 190
Feeder Type W-SA350 W-SA500 W-SA600
Standard wire dia. mmØ 0.9/1.0, 1.2 1.2/1.4/1.6 1.2/1.4/1.6
Weight kg 9
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