Spot Welding Machines

Hyosung’s spot welding machines is a state-of-the-art product that maximizes productivity and reliability with the inverter control technology as a foundation.


Our Offerings

Hyosung’s Portable Spot Welding Machine features high vacuum mold coil for superior reliability and durability. The aluminum frame and the open iron core provides excellent cooling effect by ambient air.
Hyosung’s Multi Spot Welding Machine provides high quality manufacturing and compact design which makes it possible to utilize the dedicated automatic welding machine in all direction easily.
Hyosung’s Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine is an upgraded spot welding machine that is highly reliable with quality results.
Hyosung’s Inverter Resistance Welding Controller offers various user interface and optimal welding current waveform that suits the characteristics of a material.
Hyosung’s Thyristor Spot Welding Timer provides digital display of synchronous static current control, Micom memory, and monitoring function to ensure quality and work management. ion to ensure quality and work management.
Hyosung’s Butt Welding Machine makes auto-welding possible with functions to set current and time for a consistent welding quality.

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