Hyosung relieves stress of water shortages in local self-governing system and small and medium-sized cities.

Pumps & Water

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Hotel & Resort

Hyosung’s desalination plant and containerized RO system are solutions that are suitable for tourist attractions.
Resorts, hotels and facilities at beaches and islands need lots of water for tourists, and have high potable water and life water needs due to the limitations of water facilities and regional characteristics.
Hyosung’s desalination technology is best choice for supplying drinking water and life water to facilities at tourist attractions.
In general, tourist attractions need a variety of facility capacities, do not provide sufficient space for installations and do not allow for professional maintenance. Hyosung’s desalination facilities are capable of producing as much fresh water that complies with WHO regulations as customers want all around the year, while our customized systems realize the minimum installation space and easy control & monitoring.
Also, Hyosung’s Global Network O&M network is able to sustain customer satisfaction. Hyosung’s desalination system offers everything our customers need, from Containerized RO which is easy to transport, install and operate, to Desalination Plants at a variety of capacities.


  • Potable water and life water supply in compliance with the regulations of WHO and many counties
  • High rejection rate of boron
  • Automatic monitoring & operation system
  • Global O&M Network

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