As a specialist in seawater desalination, Hyosung has been leading desalination engineering technology through Reverse Osmosis Technology.

Pumps & Water

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Brackish Water

Hyosung provides its customers with solutions that enable them to efficiently use rivers, lakes and surface water.
Brackish water, such as underground water, and the water in rivers, lakes, etc., is a water resource that we can easily access, and refers to water with less than 15,000 ppm of total dissolved solids. For this type of water, a pre-treatment process using conventional filters (coagulants, pressure-type filters, etc.) and micro filter/ultra filters is applied depending on the water constituents (floating matter, turbidity, colloide, etc.). We produce customized water according to the needs of our customers by using a brackish water RO system, Nano filtration system or ion exchange process.
Hyosung is proud to operate a desalination plant with a capacity of 125,400m3/day, which is the largest capacity of any plant in Asia.
Iron works need a variety of types of water, such as boiler feed water, cooling water, and potable water, etc. Hyosung has provided Hyundai Iron Works with design, purchase, manufacture, installation and commissioning services for a desalination plant with a capacity of 125,400 m3/day.

Major technologies

  • Large RO Plant Engineering technology
  • Large RO Plant Engineering technology
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