Hyosung produces and provides high quality pumps with variety of purpose.

Pumps & Water

Ranging from Power Plant pumps including nuclear power to Chemical, Building, Industrial, Osmosis, Shipping purpose Hyosung produces high quality pumps with variety of purpose.
Hyosung provides the best solution which is reliable in whole process including orders, engineering, manufacturing, and after service to customers through ongoing development of new technology, management of quality and research activities.

Our Offerings

Hyosung’s Overhung type pump is designed by complying with API610 standards. Its impeller is overhung at the end of the shaft.
Hyosung’s Between Bearing pump, of which impeller is located between bearings, delivering high reliability and durability.
With its excellent design and manufacturing technology, Hyosung’s Vertical pump delivers low noise, low vibration and high efficiency ratings.
The Submersible pump is used for water treatment such as water supply and drainage. Its high efficiency allows for lower operation costs and easier repair and maintenance.
Hyosung provides a packaged booster pump, applied to places which require high efficiency and high voltage for buildings and residences.
Hyosung provides excellent pumps with various purposes and performances.

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